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Chinese red net readymade lehanga

Chinese Red Net Readymade Lehanga

INR  33,000.00

Beige net readymade lehanga

Beige Net Readymade Lehanga

INR  22,000.00

Orange Nylon embroidery readymade lehanga

Orange Nylon Embroidery Readymade Lehanga

INR  50,400.00

Tomato red net readymade lehanga

Tomato Red Net Readymade Lehanga

INR  12,000.00

Maroon Velvet embroidery readymade lehanga

Maroon Velvet Embroidery Readymade Lehanga

INR  62,500.00

Cardinal red Georgette embroidery readymade lehanga

Cardinal Red Georgette Embroidery Readymade Lehanga

INR  91,000.00

Cream Georgette embroidery readymade lehanga

Cream Georgette Embroidery Readymade Lehanga

INR  88,000.00

Violet Georgette embroidery readymade lehanga

Violet Georgette Embroidery Readymade Lehanga

INR  38,000.00

Cream Georgette embroidery readymade lehanga

Cream Georgette Embroidery Readymade Lehanga

INR  88,000.00

Dusky camel net readymade lehanga

Dusky Camel Net Readymade Lehanga

INR  23,000.00

Deep orchid Georgette embroidery readymade lehanga

Deep Orchid Georgette Embroidery Readymade Lehanga

INR  46,800.00

Flower white Georgette embroidery readymade lehanga

Flower White Georgette Embroidery Readymade Lehanga

INR  61,000.00

Black Georgette embroidery readymade lehanga

Black Georgette Embroidery Readymade Lehanga

INR  57,000.00

Beige Tissue embroidery readymade lehanga

Beige Tissue Embroidery Readymade Lehanga

INR  40,125.00

Cyber yellow Dupion embroidery readymade lehanga

Cyber Yellow Dupion Embroidery Readymade Lehanga

INR  86,000.00

Dusky camel Dupion embroidery readymade lehanga

Dusky Camel Dupion Embroidery Readymade Lehanga

INR  64,500.00

Beige Kattan Silk brocade readymade lehanga

Beige Kattan Silk Brocade Readymade Lehanga

INR  61,000.00

Sunset gold net readymade lehanga

Sunset Gold Net Readymade Lehanga

INR  29,000.00

Bright violet net readymade lehanga

Bright Violet Net Readymade Lehanga

INR  27,000.00

Summer green net readymade lehanga

Summer Green Net Readymade Lehanga

INR  23,000.00

Grape juice net readymade lehanga

Grape Juice Net Readymade Lehanga

INR  27,500.00

Old gold net readymade lehanga

Old Gold Net Readymade Lehanga

INR  23,000.00

Royal blue net readymade lehanga

Royal Blue Net Readymade Lehanga

INR  17,000.00

Tropical green net readymade lehanga

Tropical Green Net Readymade Lehanga

INR  27,500.00

Moonlight blue net readymade lehanga

Moonlight Blue Net Readymade Lehanga

INR  27,500.00

Cream Cotton embroidery readymade lehanga

Cream Cotton Embroidery Readymade Lehanga

INR  4,100.00

Chinese red Georgette embroidery readymade lehanga

Chinese Red Georgette Embroidery Readymade Lehanga

INR  52,000.00

Beige Georgette embroidery readymade lehanga

Beige Georgette Embroidery Readymade Lehanga

INR  48,500.00

Beige Dupion embroidery readymade lehanga

Beige Dupion Embroidery Readymade Lehanga

INR  88,000.00

Tender peach net readymade lehanga

Tender Peach Net Readymade Lehanga

INR  48,500.00


Readymade Lehanga

Revive your spirit by cladding the best collections of Chhabra555 lehengas online. Lehenga is Indian traditional attire which is known as ghagras are typically worn with a choli or blouse and dupatta. In India, this attire has been highly selected as a popular wedding dress for ladies. Today's fashion designers have evolved different patterns and cuttings such as fish cut or mermaid cut, A- line cut, straight line cut, etc. With the elegant patterns and intricate craftsmanship these lahengas have the capacity to match well with any kind of occasion be it is grand party or any festival. “Red” is the color of wedding. Red and golden combination with rich embroidery work of sequins, studded stones and kundans can spice up your entire get up perfectly matching a wedding ambiance. At Chhabra555, you can grab the delicately designed bridal lehengas on a large scale. Visit their online website and choose from the wide collections of latest lehengas.