We have conducted extensive customer profiling over the years and now we manufacture different product lines to meet the modern customers’ standards in variety and individuality of choice. Each product line corresponds to the demands for stylistic variety, as it is created by its own carefully selected team of designers, who translate the individual lifestyle embodied by the respective line for the specific target customer. The designer lines are clearly differentiated by their pricing concept, which in turn reflects the materials utilized, the product finishing and the visual detailing of the various models.

We have implemented highly advanced accounting and inventory solutions. All primary dealers are linked through our customized enterprise resource planning mechanism developed for managing these key relationships effectively. All orders from these dealers are received online and forwarded to the specialized distribution team. In spite of the large number of inventory pieces in our stores (approximately 1 lakh units) and resultant SKUs we deal in, each and every product is photographed and bar coded individually. The purchase date of each product line in a store is tracked according to various parameters like supplier, colour, material, etc. and subsequent stock movements are effected between stores periodically to maintain the best mix of products as per that particular store’s requirements.

We have also instituted several internal monitoring mechanisms to maintain effectiveness and efficiency in processes. Checklists have been developed to track multiple practices. A case in point would be the feedback forms which the regional managers mandatorily fill after each store visit, on various parameters like visual merchandising, staff attitude, compliance to uniform norms, hygiene, stock handling, etc.