Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility has long been an essential part of our business. At Chhabra 555, we undertake complete responsibility for our actions, and in turn its impact on all stakeholders - employees, consumers and environment. Over the years, we have promoted public interest and encouraged community growth and development.

By providing resources to run small manufacturing units in economically backward villages (e.g., Mau Nath Banjan, Mubarakpur, Madanpura, Pilikothi, Kanchipuram, Dharmavaram, Aarnee, Selam), we provide employment to thousands of workers in rural India. For over half a century, we have provided employment to rural workers who live in kachcha houses and were previously engaged only in agriculture. We have educated rural workers about the finer nuances of their craft and provided them designs, guided them about alternative sourcing options available, and got products made from them as per our internal market studies.

As such, agricultural workers have been able to supplement their otherwise meager income. Over the years, we have seen new generations of workers from the same community getting more educated and bringing in relatively more advanced forms of operation. We will continue to expand our rural employee network as we expand and grow over the years, constantly making a very small contribution, to rural upliftment.

In addition, corporate self-regulation and ethical business policies form the cornerstone of Chhabra 555's conscience-focused ideology. Management accounting processes are extremely transparent, and business performance is periodically recorded to all internal stakeholders. As part of our 5-year strategy, we plan to focus even more on corporate social initiatives and environment friendly activities.